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This type of footwear required careful fitting by a professional and our experts are here to help! Please review the product information then contact us to connect with a helpful person who will guide you through the fitting process. You can always call us as 914-963-2258.

TARSO 1646/2646 Clubfoot AFO

A semi-rigid AFO for use in the Ponseti Method of Clubfoot Treatment. The all important bracing phase of treatment is implemented after the baby comes out of the last cast. It’s essential that the feet be maintained in corrected position to prevent relapse. Our Clubfoot AFO has a symmetrical shape for use on either foot. It has a soft lambskin lining, convenient hook/loop closures at top/bottom and strong buckles and straps with dorsal pad to lock the foot down. The rigid base plates are threaded with receptacles for mounting appropriate Dobbs Bars, Horton Click Bars or traditional Denis Browne abduction bars.

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Clubfoot AFO