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Abduction Bars

The Ponseti Method calls for foot abduction bracing after serial casting. For Clubfoot Kids, we offer solutions featuring Markell Open Toe Straight Last Boots mounted on an abduction bar. Different bars suit different situations so we carry a selection of fine products from Dobbs, Horton & Denis Browne.

This type of footwear required careful fitting by a professional and our experts are here to help! Please review the product information then contact us to connect with a helpful person who will guide you through the fitting process. You can always call us as 914-963-2258.

Dobbs Bars

Intent on making the bracing process easier on clubfoot patients and their parents, the newly designed Dobbs Dynamic Brace allows for independent movement and preserves muscle strength of the child's feet.

Dobbs Dynamic Bars are less restrictive than rigid bars, which keeps children more comfortable, increases compliance and can help to prevent relapses.

Fitting Info

Tarso Medius TM 1645
Dobbs Dynamic Quick Release
Tarso 1645
Dobbs Easy Click Bar

Horton Click Bars

The Horton Click is an excellent choice for kids going through the Ponseti Protocol for Clubfoot treatment. They are designed by an orthotist who understood there was a need for a more patiently friendly/doctor friendly device.

The Horton Click is easier to use because you put the shoes on independently, then click them on the foot rotation bar. This allows for better positioning of the foot in the shoe and cuts down on kids kicking their shoes off.

When it comes to dressing your child, Horton Click Bars has another big advantage! With just a click you can quickly remove the bar from the shoes, change the child and quickly click the shoes back into the bar.

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Horton Click Bars
Click Bars

Denis Browne Splints

Designed for the correction of Clubfoot, they work by holding both feet in an abducted position shoulder width apart in boots mounted to a splint with foot plates. The re-designed Tarso Adjustable Bar Splints provide the three most commonly prescribed settings in each of two age/ size ranges.

Heel separation is set precisely to the optimum position for the individual patient and may be reset during treatment. Since two sizes satisfy most prescriptions, it will cut down on expenses as your child can progress with the same bar. They come in either fixed or adjustable lengths and foot plates are pre-drilled with holes for easy mounting.

Fitting Info

Tarso Medius TM 1644/ TM 2644
TM 1644/ TM 2644